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Botanical Medicine

Harnessing the power of nature by extracting the medicinal properties of plants.

Treating the Cause

​It's not just about treating the symptoms it's about getting to the root of the problem. There are no band aid solutions when striving for optimal health.


Used for over 5000 years to help relieve pain, relieve stress, balance the body, and improve wellness.

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meets nature.

discover healthcare as unique as you.

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Biologics' Naturopathic Doctor provides natural healthcare treatments for a variety of conditions in uptown Toronto. Online booking available. 



No two people are alike, that's why no two treatment plans are alike.

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Comprehensive Lab Testing

One of the foundations of naturopathic medicine is treating the root cause. By using specialized and specific diagnostic testing we can better understand you're body and it's imbalances. 

At Biologics Naturopathic Clinic, our focus is holistic, proactive prevention,  comprehensive diagnosis, and tailored treatment. By using scientifically sound protocols that minimize the risk of harm, our clinic's goal is help facilitate the body’s inherent ability to restore and maintain optimal health.

where medicine

Book an appointment with Biologics Naturopathic Clinic using SetMore

Patient Centered Care

​Patient care comes first.

Providing individualized attention and treatment options that address why you’re not feeling well is a different type of healthcare.

Clinical Nutrition

The use of whole foods and, when needed, supplementation allow the body to regain balance. Food is the best medicine.