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Be Your BEST Self!

Our 6 week Weight Management Program is Back!

Cost is $199 pp

Want to learn why you're having trouble losing weight?

Ready to make positive changes to get you eating, moving and feeling better?

Join Naturopathic Doctors Janna Levanto and Catherine Newry in this medically guided 6 week in person program to learn how to eat better, move better and feel better!

Thursdays 7-8 pm

Starts February 2, 2017!

Early Bird Special!

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Program Outline:

Week 1:

    Healthy Goal Setting

    The Importance of Hydration and Movement

Week 2:

   Nutrition  Myths and Facts

   Nutrition Labels Decoded

   Meal Planning

   Recipe  Handouts

Week 3:

   How to Exercise for Your Goals & Your Body

   Proper Exercise Guidelines

   Exercise Instruction and Handout

   Guest Speaker

Week 4:

   The Importance of Sleep in Weight Management

   How Stress may be preventing You Health Goals

   Tips and Tricks to Improving Sleep and Stress

   20 minute Acupuncture  Demo for Stress Reduction

Week 5:

   Debunking the Detoxification Fad

   Liver & Kidney Health for Weight Management

Week 6:

   Its a Surprise!

Thursdays 7-8 pm

Starts February 2, 2017!