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I’ve partnered with FullScript to give my patients a quick and easy way to get their supplements at great prices.

The nice thing is that it arrives within 2-3 business days so you can get started on your treatment plan right away!

If you would prefer to do your shopping the traditional way, 

here are a few places in town that I personally go to buy my supplements. 



(Listed in no particular order)


Ottway Herbs & Vitamins, 3188 Yonge St

Just up the street from Biologics on Yonge, one of the oldest herbal supplement stores in Canada. they carry many of the professional supplement lines that I trust and recomend. They also have monthly customer appreciation days and offer a weekly seniors discount day.

Noah’s Natural Foods, 2395 Yonge St
There are several branches across the city, but this location is just down the street from Biologics on Yonge. I really like all their products and trust many items  they carry, plus the staff is really friendly!

Essence of Life Organics, 50 Kensington Avenue
Crammed with everything from organic foods, cleaners, skin care, and supplements.

Tutti Fruity, 64 Kensington Avenue
A cozy health food and supplement store, with almost everything and anything you might need or want.

Loblaws, multiple locations
The bigger locations not only have great health food selection, but also a wide range of good quality supplements.

Ambrosia Natural Foods, 55 Doncaster Avenue
Ambrosia is closer to the Biologics at Bayview location. They pride themselves on being "synonymous with freshness, variety, health, and value."


BMS Resources, 1255 Sheppard Ave E
The proud dispensary for the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine  located within the college.  Just down the street from Biologics at Bayview, they offer high quality natural health products at affordable prices.

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